Fiction from SFR, for Spore Create.

Background, description and ideas

From Universe SFR, an Insidious, Mysterious and Merciless Mercantile Trader Race exists, they have been a well known force there, originally a small, fledgling Race, they discovered the ruins and secrets of an Ancient Civilization from the Forgotten War, but a few traces of the Civilization were still operational, functional, and... alive? and despite being damaged and wrecked? being also the possessions of an ancient and evil machine race? they were attacked, and were mostly crushed, but escaped, soon, wanting revenge, they return to discover the ancient technology returning back to an inactive state, they managed to disable and disassemble the machines, never to activate again, but also severely damaged them, bringing back the technology and victory, they managed to get technological advances, and started becoming a powerful civilization, now, with the discovery of empires from 2 universes, 939152 and 74932, and the Tyrekians from those 2 universes Who came to Universe SFR, they are trying to see if they can actually travel to other universes, and are attempting to do so.

  • Traders, but not the common good, friendly and happy traders You know of, these guys have more in common with House Ordos from the Dune Video Games by Westwood, and as You can see, are also a Mysterious, Insidious and Wealthy but somewhat Paranoid kind of Sci-Fi Empire thingy.
  • Although I take these things to a more dark, chaotic and cynical way.
  • Technologies that most Universe SFR Races would despise, and strangeness as well as being dangerous.
  • Like the XR, are also Tier 2, although not as high, possibly low Tier 2 or in-between Tier 2 and Tier 3 with some Tier U Stuff.

Naming Contest

Poll is up! What should the name be?

What should their Empire be called?

The poll was created at 06:30 on January 7, 2011, and so far 4 people voted.

Alright, post away!

(BTW, I made a similar blog before with an almost similar race idea but it did not get much and there was very few occurring on it and I did not even make the Fiction)

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