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    Tobiaswolf A.K.A. 99cmoney

    December 26, 2010 by R17RFUNNY

    My gosh, it appears that Tobiaswolf (Who is in fact, 99cmoney) is here, and He just vandalized several Pages, Ban Him! Make fun of Him! and Revert His edits! Quickly! Get Him off Spore Create! D:<

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    Spore Create Fiction!

    December 23, 2010 by R17RFUNNY

    Fiction from SFR, for Spore Create.

    From Universe SFR, an Insidious, Mysterious and Merciless Mercantile Trader Race exists, they have been a well known force there, originally a small, fledgling Race, they discovered the ruins and secrets of an Ancient Civilization from the Forgotten War, but a few traces of the Civilization were still operational, functional, and... alive? and despite being damaged and wrecked? being also the possessions of an ancient and evil machine race? they were attacked, and were mostly crushed, but escaped, soon, wanting revenge, they return to discover the ancient technology returning back to an inactive state, they managed to disable and disassemble the machines, never to activate again, but also severely damaged…

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    Spore Fiction Realms

    December 18, 2010 by R17RFUNNY

    Hello there Guys, well, as You can see, I won't be going as much on SporeWiki or here, although You can meet Me on YouTube (Username is R17rFunny, Link here) or go to My InvisionFree Forum, Spore Fiction Realms and that is where I would usually go, I would move much of My fiction there, so see You guys there. (BTW, Irskaad is also there, and He is one of the 2 Moderators)

    R17 (Hyperwave Broadcast) 06:33, December 18, 2010 (UTC)

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    I'm R17rFunny from SporeWiki and hey Guys guess what...

    I'm going to make a Fiction here on Spore Create!

    See another blog by R17rFunny, I got a new idea for these guys, and more name stuff. -_-

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