This kind of Blogs is common on Sporewiki, so I will be starting one now. What sort of music and movies does your empire like most?

On Spore Create! Wiki

Music: Techno and Rock. Sometimes a mix.
Movies: Action and Adventure movies, sometimes romance and horror movies.

Music: Trance-like music with odd instruments.
Movies: They like Movies with great stories, with action included. They also like movies about Xhodocto and Tyrekians.

Music: Classical, Ragtime, Swing, Jazz, and Big band.
Movies: Silent films from the early 20th century, and "soundies" from the 30s and 40s.

Music and Movies: Comedy and Romance.
Movies only: Documentaries

Not on Spore Create! Wiki (Yet)

  • House Xarikuz (Xarik-Radux)

Music: Techno, Drum n' Bass, Rock, Metal and Techno mixed with Rock.
Movies:Slapstick Comedy, Action, TV Shows with Action or Humor plus some Sketch Comedies.

Add yours! (Though you don't have to, this is just purely to make the wiki more active. You can make a blog like this too. =D )

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