Ok, so we're all now in this mess which is the Collapse of Universe 939152, the main Universe where EVERY USER has put their Empires and their whole effort into.

By Collapsing this Universe, serious things happened. Here's the List:

1. The Spore Create! Wiki fiction has now broken into several Universes, like Universe 74932 and Sub-Universe F3X.939, forcing users to choose to be in one of these Universes when they write their fiction;

2. Some Users's Work has been ruined. Especially The Kraystaluk Hive. If the Universe collapses, the Vomon Galaxy also collapses, taking the Kraystaluk with it. And since they are non-sapient, they can't go to another Universe. That would REALLY suck for Liquid Ink. Other users were also affected by this, and now they have to go to other Universes;

Which Brings me to point 3. Every Empire now should know Inter-Universal Travel. It is more annoying than Galactic Travel. And that would suck for the Kraystaluk, since they are non-sapient and can't warp between Universes.

4. We're going to have to Update EVERYTHING to reflect these new changes. That's annoying too.

I'm not Really mad at these new changes, I'm just upset and annoyed, peacefully upset. That's it. =) But you may have angered other users even more...

Here's the solutions I propose:

1. Say that these events are in the Future, like 100 Billion Years, and that Universe 939152 is still ok.

2. Say that none of this happened. Easy.

3. Warn everyone to somehow move their fiction to either Sub-Universe F3X.939 or Universe 74932.

4. Say that the Great Peppypipe saved Universe 939152. =D

THE ONE THAT WAS TAKEN - Only the Main Galaxy Collapsed. The Tyrek, Vomon, and all other Galaxies Stand.

Now, I'm not trying to anger the leader of this wiki, Creatureboy11, I am just Informing him of the mess he made, in order for us to repair this mess. I am doing this for the Community, Creatureboy11, don't be upset. We'll just fix this then everyone will be happy again, Ok? =D

I am an Admin on this wiki and I must have a voice in this Community, so I made this blog. We hope that everything gets fixed soon.

Comment opinions or suggestions on this blog. Thank you. Goodbye.

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