I will resign from leadership, as it's been 21 Years since I was first leader, and my mandate is nearly over. Now, 4 Candidates will present themselves to be elected. Now, I have come forth to ask each of you Universal people, who would you trust as Lord of the Komorian Comitatus? Our people are 89% Undecided, and we could use some help. Could you do our propaganda for us?

- Lord Ha'krhlot

4 Candidates want to be Lords of the Komorian Comitatus, but the people are majorly undecided. Who would your Empire choose if they were Komorian?

Keltavun Jaux'sa

He's a bit like Lord Ha'krhlot, only he's more expansionist than Ha'krhlot. He'll put his entire strength on Colonizing the Zatemos Galaxy in Universe 74932, and he'll be a bit more cautious of other Empires, though he has no grudges against the Stratocracy of Arkhosia.

Gan'Kal Let

This man has been in the military for 25 Years, and seriously believes Militarization is the way to success. He also believes that the enemies of the Comitatus must be destroyed, such as the True Gjigantrox Coalition. He'll keep an eye out for the Arkhosians too...

Navyrus Jaan

This man believes that espionage can prevent future attacks. He'll focus on Spying the Gjigantrox and the Arkhosians for threats. Ha'krhlot has been an influence in his campaign. He'll also make the Comitatus richer, which has gathered some votes for him.

Letnitk Jayro

He believes that Tyrekianism and Shikuanism should be equal in the Komorian Comitatus. He'll also be more friendly and will bring back Praktev into the Comitatus as a Colossalus. He'll also do community service for the Comitatus as well.

The polls have ended, now to reveal the winner:

VGGT News Report:
The Final votes are being counted, the Candidates are Nervous, and Komorians are eager to know the results. 2 Companies have boosted up the votes for Gan'Kal and Navyrus, but only 1 can win. And we have the final results. The winner of the 941 TE Komorian Elections is...

Navyrus Jaan Hejdavala.

With a margin of only 946 votes, this was the closest election in Komorian History, let's see the results:

Navyrus - 43.64%
Gan'Kal - 43.63%
Letnitk - 8.66%
Keltavun - 4.07%

This is a huge victory for the Komorian Comitatus! Now, I will begin trades with the Mozkans right now, and I will do something "secret" (Launching Satellites to Arkhosia and the TGC) as well. A Toast to Victory!

- Navyrus Jaan

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