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    Komorian Elections Blog

    December 22, 2010 by Irskaad

    4 Candidates want to be Lords of the Komorian Comitatus, but the people are majorly undecided. Who would your Empire choose if they were Komorian?

    He's a bit like Lord Ha'krhlot, only he's more expansionist than Ha'krhlot. He'll put his entire strength on Colonizing the Zatemos Galaxy in Universe 74932, and he'll be a bit more cautious of other Empires, though he has no grudges against the Stratocracy of Arkhosia.

    This man has been in the military for 25 Years, and seriously believes Militarization is the way to success. He also believes that the enemies of the Comitatus must be destroyed, such as the True Gjigantrox Coalition. He'll keep an eye out for the Arkhosians too...

    This man believes that espionage can prevent future attacks. He'll f…

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    This kind of Blogs is common on Sporewiki, so I will be starting one now. What sort of music and movies does your empire like most?

    • Tyrek Empire

    Music: Techno and Rock. Sometimes a mix.
    Movies: Action and Adventure movies, sometimes romance and horror movies.

    • Komorian Comitatus

    Music: Trance-like music with odd instruments.
    Movies: They like Movies with great stories, with action included. They also like movies about Xhodocto and Tyrekians.

    • The Mozkan Empire

    Music: Classical, Ragtime, Swing, Jazz, and Big band.
    Movies: Silent films from the early 20th century, and "soundies" from the 30s and 40s.

    • Church of Pepis

    Music and Movies: Comedy and Romance.
    Movies only: Documentaries

    • House Xarikuz (Xarik-Radux)

    Music: Techno, Drum n' Bass, Rock, Metal and Techn…

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    Low activity

    October 24, 2010 by Irskaad

    We need more active fiction on this wiki. More stories, more activity overall. Activity is sharply dropping recently, and we need more active stories. Does anyone have any ideas for new Fictions?

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    Tyrekian Victory Speech

    October 16, 2010 by Irskaad

    Today, we celebrate a glorious new era for the Tyrek Empire, as we have wiped out the "Lords" of this universe, making us the new lords of this universe! This is a golden age for the Tyrek Empire, a Golden age for our allies, as we now rule over this universe!!!

    *Tyrekians Cheer*

    - Emperor Gongnores Slaki

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    Zavrhos Descends

    September 16, 2010 by Irskaad

    A Blog for me and Lucario of ze Gods.

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