I have noticed for a while mostly all Spore players who are not popular make only intelligent carnivores. So I was thinking that in order to keep balence, we have a Creator Club in which we work on different creatures every day or so.

So, what do you do in the Creator Club

Join a Creator Group

  • Work on either Adventures, Creatures, Velicles, or Buildings
  • Each "Legion" of Creators requires a test.

Teach or Learn in a Lesson

  • Expert Creators: Teach excited creators good practices.
  • New Creators: Take a Lesson from Expert Creators.

How the Club is Organized


Legions are a certain group of creators for a creator.

Sub-Legions - Creature Creator and Adventure Creator ONLY

Sub-Legions are for the CC and AC. They are to focus on a stat/goal.

Creature Creator

  • Diets
  • Stats

Adventure Creator

  • Generes of Adventure


Note: You will all have a section on the menu to the left that says "Creator Club" -> Legion/Lessons


If you make anything for the club, it is to be tagged "creatorclub"

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