"My people, with the destruction of Kindworlda, we the great Mozkans, our allies the mighty Tyrekians, and the terrorfying Vartekians will rule over all! We will be the greatest of all the other Alliances! We will take the universe with the greatest armies of them all. Kindworlda was only the beginning of three to take, next to take is Szen, then on to the barbaric home planet of the True Gjigantrox. Once all are destroyed there will be peace among our three great empires! And we will be the ones who say who live and dies and that will be the Pepis, the Porru, and the True Gjigantrox! We will be the ones to win this war, against these barbaric, stupid, and primitive so called "empires". Remember that it will be us that will be the winners, not them! Heil the Empire!"- Emperor Mozari II

"Heil the Empire! Heil the Emperor!"-Mozkan People

"The Great Emperor has promised you this and it will be done!"-Mozarti the Lesser

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