I (Emperor Mozari) prepose that three most knowledgeable and great empires form an academy. Which three am I talking about the Stratocracy of Arkhosia, the Komorian Comitatus, and the Mozkan Empire (others will be able to join later or now if they wish). To better inprove relation and to further current knowledge. It shall not be an alliance, but a place where our people can come together and learn from one another. If any empires that are at war with other empires (that are not at the academy), others (at the academy) will be under a neutrality act to make sure no students are harmed. If empire are at war with other (and are at the academy), students from both empire shall be removed and shall not be able to come back to the academy until said war is over. The empires at this academy will be able to decide upon rules for the students, and decide standards at which other empires are able to join. It will be your choice to join or not if no more than two empires decide to join then the academy will not be created.

Standards to be able to join

None decided upon or suggested.


None decided upon or suggested.


  • Stratocracy of Arkhosia
  • Komorian Comitatus
  • Mozkan Empire
  • Tyrekian Empire


Iperonix Academy

Decision made

Aproved, and being created.

Halls of knowledge

the Great Hall of Knowledge

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