Riverias is a small country in Creatureboy11's Fictional World. It's relations in the east are hostile, but relations with the north are friendly. They love their political leaders, and is currently troubled with rampant crime. Riverias is led by a queen.

Map of Riverias

Riverias Code of LawsEdit

  • The penalty for a criminal insulting a merchant is public humiliation.
  • The penalty for a tradesman endangering a hunting bird is branding.
  • The penalty for being drunk in public is a warning.
  • The penalty for a noblewoman failing to uphold a contract is a few months' imprisonment.
  • The penalty for spying is the loss of privileges.
  • The penalty for robbing a herald is whipping.
  • The penalty for a merchant trespassing is a brief imprisonment.
  • The penalty for striking a foreigner is a moderate fine.
  • The penalty for lying under oath is the loss of a limb.
  • The penalty for slandering a criminal is the loss of privileges.
  • The penalty for a warrior stealing bones is a considerable term of servitude.
  • The penalty for an adept gambling is a small fine.
  • The penalty for a craftsman illegaly trafficking herbs is a brief imprisonment.
  • The penalty for a wizard stealing armor is branding.
  • The penalty for stealing alchemical ingredients is a moderate fine.

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